You enter a room and there are 34 people, you kill 30. How many are left in the room? ​

Question: You enter a room and there are 34 people, you kill 30. How many are left in the room? ​

Answer:  This indeed is a bit tricky as people say 4 people but that’s not correct answer. If we read the riddle it asks ‘how many are in the bedroom’.

So 34 were already there in the room + 1 yourself.

The correct answer is 35.

You go into life with 34 individuals, and including you, that makes absolutely you 35 in the room.

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  1. You enter a room with 34 people, and including you, that makes totally 35 of you in the bedroom.

    The question asks you how many people, not how many people who are alive, so many have got confused over that and came up with 4 or 5 instead.

    1. If you already entered the room you’re included in the count of 34. So 34 is the answer. If the question was There are 34 people in a room, you enter, your kill 30, how many are left? Then yes the answers 35

  2. If you enter a room and that makes 34 people, how are you getting 35? It doesn’t say there were 34 people to begin with, it clearly says there’s 34 people AFTER you enter.

    1. Since the riddle says there are 34 people AFTER it says you entered the room, then there are 34 people in the room…not 35. It would be one thing if it said “There are 34 people in a room. You enter it.” Then it would be 35. But it doesn’t say that. It says how many people are in the room AFTER you enter it.

      1. Let’s break this down
        This question was not phrased this way when first presented to me.

        I was presented it worded this way
        “You enter a bedroom
        There are 34 people you kill 30
        How many are in the bedroom?”

        In this statement I stated the answer is one because it does not state the people killer were ever in the room

        However I see it here phrased this way

        “You enter a room and there are 34 people, you kill 30. How many are left in the room? ​”

        Which I would guess a different number based off the fact of minor add of the words “and there are 34 people, you kill 30 ” and “how many left”

        At this point I’d assume the people were also in the room Making this possible the answer would be 5 people including myself

        But it was also stated clearly twice by two others that this was not a mathematical riddle. And now it all makes sense to me that the person who shared it originally to may have tweaked it a hair to throw it off or it was tweaked by someone else they took it from. Explains why it was stated “it’s not about math” several times by this person in between participating answers

        The question is how many variables are there based off how this riddle is presented ?

  3. The reason for all the different answers is due to different wording depending on who posts it.
    The one I saw says, a shooter enters the room and kills 30.
    This one says you kill 30. NOT another shooter.
    People do a Google search for the answer so they can cheat. But if you looked up an answer to a riddle with slightly different wording, then argument will not apply to that riddle.

    All you gotta do is read, people.!

  4. It is given to us that you enter a room where there are 34 people in a room, a shooter comes and shoots 30 of them.

    The people who are killed by the shooter are still there in the room but in the dead form. No dead-bodies have been removed from the room or the question does not say how many live people are left in the room, so the number of dead people will be taken in account while counting the total number of people in the room after the shooter killed 30 of them.

    Apart from the 34 people, the shooter will also be counted as after killing he is present in the room. The question did not mention that the shooter left the room after killing. Also, you will be counted as well as the question mentioned that you entered the room.


    Total number of people left in the room is 36 (34 people + 1 shooter + 1You)

    1. 1. You enter a bedroom, just you (1). There are 34 people, who are not in the bedroom. You kill 30 of the ones not in the bedroom. So, you are the only one (1) still in the bedroom…

      Answer: 1.

  5. This is a waste of time because the wording is so ambiguous. Alive or dead? Are they even in the bedroom? I’d prefer to know what I’m answering and not spend my time on silly tricks.

  6. 31.
    “You enter a bedroom” is stated first.
    “There are 34 people” is stated after you enter, so you are one of the 34.
    “You kill 30 people. How many are in the bedroom?”
    Your 30 victims and you. 31.
    What about the other three?
    What are they, morons? You come in and start killing people, anyone in their right mind runs like hell! But you got 30 anyway, and only three escape. 31 in the room.

  7. Everybody is assuming that the 34 people are in the bedroom but that isn’t stated in the problem. The 30 people can be killed from the bedroom if they are in a hallway or another room and they can be killed from a bedroom window if they are outside the building. You are only told that one person entered the bedroom (you). You can’t assume that there is anyone else in there with you so the best answer is one.

    1. Real world example in Las Vegas:
      You enter a bedroom.
      There are 22,000 people. You kill 58.
      Now how many are in the bedroom?

      1. Right. It’s a writing trick as much as a logic trick. I would argue you actually can’t know how many are in the bedroom because it does not use the word “empty.”

  8. You are all incorrect…except Roy. The ONLY fact it states is that YOU enter a BEDROOM, and the question ONLY asks about how many are in the BEDROOM. Therefore the answer is 1…the only known fact…you!

    1. Fair enough. So there are 34 people in a nearby room. You are shooting them before they enter the bedroom. Some are likely to breach the invisible line and therefore fall dead inside the room. Unless the door has some sort of cutout where the shooter can shoot through but where the other 34 would have to open the door to enter.

      Or the other 34 could be outside and the shooter / you are shooting through the window.

      The riddle’s wording is disingenuous. There are too many unknowns to actually determine how many people are in the room. It plays fast and loose with language conventions. If it stated “How many people do we know are in the room?” Then it would be legitimate. We only know that one person is in the room. We cannot know for sure how many of the other 34 are in the room. The way the English language is usually used the correct assumption would be all 34. We use assumptions to make language easier. It allows us to use fewer words to convey our meaning. But it is an assumption. As is any other answer since the riddle doesn’t tell us.

      Did I think about that too much? Sure but isn’t that what these riddles are asking us to do?

  9. In creative writing. Because entering the bedroom is mentioned before the number of people and also you are mentioned before the number 34, the implied narrative is
    1. You enter a bedroom
    2. There are now 34 people in said bedroom
    3. 30 of them are killed. This being the end of the story you can assume their bodies are still there when the question is asked so 34 is still my answer.
    Also the words “are 34” after the bedroom entrance.
    Sorry. I really need to stop over thinking.

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