Goat Trivia Answers 2020

Goat Black Friday Play Innovation Trivia  Questions and Answers Today (November 24, 2020),

Question 1:  Which shoe is reportedly partly made from algae?

Answer 1:The correct answer is Yeezy Foam Runner

Question 2: Question 2: in april 2019 this international/multinational collaboration publish the first image of a black hole and its shadow

Answer 2: The correct answer is EHT

Question 3: Which manufacturing technology process, used in the creation of the adidas Futurecraft 4D, has also been used to reconstruct tissue and hopes to be used to reconstruct entire organs in the future?

Answer 3: The correct answer is 3D Printing

Question 4: Signed by numerous companies such as adidas, Nike, Chanel and Kering Group, the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action contains a vision for achieving net-zero emissions by what year?

Answer 4: The correct answer is 2050

Question 5: This shoe, featuring Vectran fabric was designed for a mechanical engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory who invented airbag systems for Mars rover missions utilizing the same material.

Answer 5: The correct answer is Mars Yard