You-entered-a-room,-of-34-people.-a-shooter-then-enters-killing-30. how-many-people-are-left-in-the-room?

Question: You-entered-a-room,-of-34-people.-a-shooter-then-enters-killing-30. how-many-people-are-left-in-the-room?

Answer: This indeed is a bit tricky as people say 4 people but thats not correct answer.

If we read the riddle it asks ‘how many are in the bedroom’.

So 34 were already there in the room + 1 yourself.

So total of 35.

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  1. You forgot the killer; it doesn’t say he/she left the room after killing 30 people. In fact, the killer could have killed him/herself, and be among the 30 dead people. In any case, 30 dead people + 4 not-dead people + you + the killer = 36.

    Also, there is no mention of a “bedroom” in the riddle. Probably not a bedroom, what with 36 people being in it :·)

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