You Enter A Room 2 Dogs 4 Horses 1 Giraffe Riddle Answer

Riddle: You walk in a room and on the bed, there are 2 dogs, 4 cats, one giraffe, 5 cows and a duck, 3 chickens flying above a chair; how many legs are on the floor?

Answer:   There are a total of 6 legs on the floor. But how?

All of the animals in this room are all on the bed :O  but you are not on the bed. So, only your two legs and the four legs of the bed are touching the floor 😀 Because of that, the correct answer is 6.

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        1. It’s not stated that the chairs are on the bed. Also your legs are not touching the ground your feet are. So 2 chairs =8 bed+4 total 12

        1. Correct.
          I’m being told that 4 is the incorrect answer, that the answer is 6. And this article is stating the same.
          But unless the person entered the room on their knees, not walking in, the answer is 4

      1. 10 would be my answer. Your 2 legs the legs of the 4 legs of the chair chair and the 4 legs of the bed. Then technically your legs wouldn’t be on the floor would be your feet.

          1. the ground extends over roughly 30% of the Earth so I think it’s safe to assume there are a few legs on the ground.

          2. Where do you even see the word “ground” mentioned in the riddle?
            The answer to the riddle is whatever the riddle author wants it to be. It is their rules. Our answers which might be equally appropriate, may not be the correct answer for the author. Since it is a RIDDLE and not a math question, there must be some word play or other trick but I do not yet see it either.

      1. By your logic most chairs have pads on the bottom of the feet as do beds. So the answer can be any damn thing the person want it to be. That is why these are stupid.
        10 should be the answer

    1. You enter a room. 2 dogs, 4 horses 1 giraffe and a duck are lying on the bed. 3 chickens are flying over a chair. How many legs are on the ground?

      The dogs, horses, giraffe and a duck are on the bed… you have 3 chickens flying over a chair… and you are also in the room.


      The bed has 4 legs
      The chair has 4 legs
      You have 2 legs

      4+4+2= 10

    2. The correct answer should be zero, first your legs don’t touch the ground your feet do, second you enter a room which means you are on a floor and not the ground.

  1. LEGS… not feet? I think that that’s not important.
    Chickens can’t fly but they can lift off for a moment or 2, especially when they see my mug and big feet enter the room, & they can smell that I was just at KFC for hot wings. (If I had bought the chicken legs, and still had them in my hand when I entered that room, then I might just drop all 12 (dozen bucket) of them on the ground at the sight of all the goings-on, which would be 12 LEGS.
    I’m not currently a wheel chair user, so my LEGS are 2.
    It could be a platform bed… water bed or such, but I’ll assume it is a standard 4 LEG GIANT bed, although I doubt a bed could contain so much weight unless it was platform, or 6/8/10-leg.
    With all those animals and my big smelly feet… bed bugs? fleas? Any on the ground? Probably all spooning in the bed.
    WAIT!!! it could be a Castro Convertible or a fold-down Wardrobe bed… how many legs there?
    But I will go with 6 LEGS on the ground.
    My answer: SIX LEGS.

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