Who is dead pay attention to the detail

Puzzle: Who is dead pay attention to the detail puzzle riddle answer?

Answer: The correct answer is C.

If you see the legs of person B, there is vibration in the water. This makes us sure that person B is not dead.

Now many of us will say that the person “A” is dead as his body is floating in the water. But the question is do dead bodies float in water?. The answer is yes, but it takes at least 2 to 3 days for a dead body to float. In the starting 1 to 2 days, a dead body sinks under the water, thereafter it starts floating. Thus, person A is not dead as it doesn’t make any sense for 2 people (B & C) to come to the pool to chill out with a dead body floating in it.

Finally, let’s have a look at Person C. If you see closely, the person is having a laptop in his hand and it is in the water. Also, he seems to be in a subconscious state.

Therefore, Who Is Dead? Pay Attention To Detail answer in-person “C”.

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  1. Uhh I’m not sure but they all seem to be in a subconscious state. There are movement ripples around b legs and there are subtle ripples around the float on C. There are no movement ripples on A. Also A has deep dark bags under his eyes, he seem more dead to me than any other ones.

    And that’s a book in C hand I don’t think he would be continually holding it if he wasn’t alive.

    Besides the question didn’t ask for assumptions as to why one would come to the pool it ask who is dead and pay attention to details. B has leg ripples C has subtle float ripples and clutching a book and A has no ripples and deep dark circles under eyes.

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