Which unfelt feeling are you quiz

Question 1: Pick what stands out most to you?

  • That which tempted my foolish heart was deep and uncanny, many-legged and piercing in gaze, watching me quietly and without condescension.
  • I sensed a fearfulness of life around me as if it were withering from my spiteful snarl, and a voice spoke, disembodied, “be still, for it cannot find you here.”
  • A crunch accompanies the action, carefree and leisurely, a sign of the coming season of darker nights and colder days.
  • Something in the waning warmth jolts me, and I call out into the stifling silence, waiting for a reply which does not come.


Question 2: Which of these materials would you make something from?

  • Metal, it doesn’t matter what kind. It is cold but trustworthy.
  • Wood. It is rigid and unwavering and has a smell of nature.
  • Fabric. While it is not the most stable, it is soft and comforting.
  • Rock. It’s sturdy and could protect me.


Question 3: How would you describe love?

  • Something I’ve always wished for. Stars light the sky, the sun is brighter, the world is a little more on my side.
  • My experiences have been warped, and I can’t be sure anymore. I want it to be as bright and airy as everyone describes but I can’t believe it when i tell myself.
  • I’m yet to know. I’ve heard so much good and so much bad, and my heart tells me always that the negatives can outweigh any good.
  • Something that isn’t for me. I can never quite feel right no matter what happens. I feel as if I’ve been cursed to never know.


Question 1: What has to be broken before it is used it?

Answer: The correct answer is egg

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