Which state is the leading producer of Christmas trees?

Which state is the leading producer of Christmas trees?

Wandering through a snowy forest, singing carols, and searching for the perfect Christmas tree may be a seasonal tradition for some, but in reality, most Christmas trees are cultivated on farms and transported far from where they are grown. Forty-four states grow Christmas trees, but only four of them produce more than one million each year:

Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Oregon leads the pack — in 2017, the state had 45,000 acres of Christmas tree farms that were responsible for 4.7 million trees, according to the Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association. About 92% of trees grown in Oregon and Washington leave the state. California is the largest market for Christmas trees grown in the Pacific Northwest, but trees are also exported to Hawaii, Mexico, Japan, China, and many other places.





Answer: The correct answer is Oregon

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