Which owl house character are you?

Which owl house character are you?

what is your brightest trait as a person?

I think before I act. I usually put my issues aside to help my friends and family. I am very supportive, and I practice until I get what I want.
I usually have an advantage over people. I try not to show it, but it is very clear. i’m proud to live my life this way.
I work hard, even when things are going wrong. I see the good in everyone, and I try to always fix my mistakes.
I am very friendly person. labels do not define me, as I am open to anyone.
my psychical appearance is very well. i’m also thoughtful, but I do have time to myself.
I finsh whatever task I start. I never give up, even for others.
I get to people by jokes, while always having a positive attitude. I don’t restrict myself.
I know what I care about, and what I don’t care about. I have no problem to care about someone when being asked.

what is your dream fashion choice? what would you want to wear?

Answers, please choose 1
cottage core! maybe some whites, browns, greens, yellows, and pinks!
I cosplay! so I would just really want more things to fit my character, or element.
brandy melville! also I really like lululemon
I love pink grunge style! it’s really pretty, and it shows who I am
a mix of an e girl and art style? I want my true self to shine
dark academia. I can’t live with anything else.
cottage core but mostly for the strawberry dress. it’s appealing

what would be a great day for you?

a picnic! we could play in the park, and walk in a lot of nature. sandwiches are pretty cool too.
a movie night where we all watch a new show! actually I liked movies that are based off books
facetiming with a lot of my friends! that always brightens my mood
practicing a hobby that I like while sharing my passion with others!
a game of charades! it’s fun to act out other people
writing. I like to take my time, and jot my plans of the day down
making a garden! plants are amazing and can be fun. I don’t really

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