Which archipelago’s name means “Sheep Islands”?

Which archipelago’s name means “Sheep Islands”?


Faroe Islands

Falkland Islands

Shetland Islands

The Faroes are a chain of small, rocky, windswept islands situated in the North Atlantic, about halfway between Iceland and Norway. Sheep have long inhabited the islands since they’re one of the few animals that do well in the rough terrain.

The earliest known settlers on the islands were Irish monks, who in the 6th century A.D. reportedly wrote of the “Islands of the Sheep and the Paradise of Birds.” The name “Føroyar” (the Faroese term for Faroe Islands) comes from old Norse “Færeyjar” and literally means Sheep Islands, the name given to the islands by the Norse settlers around the 9th century A.D. Technically, that means “Faroe Islands” translates literally to “Sheep Islands Islands.”

Answer: The correct answer is Faroe Islands

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