Where would you find the world’s most isolated tree?

Where would you find the world’s most isolated tree?

Though New Zealand is famous for its verdant landscapes, one of its islands is home to the world’s remotest tree. Situated on Campbell Island, near the Antarctic, a 30-foot-tall Sitka Spruce known as the Ranfurly Tree is located about 120 miles from the nearest tree on the Auckland Islands.

Trees do not naturally grow in the subarctic climate found on Campbell Island. According to local legend, New Zealand’s governor Lord Ranfurly planted it there on a visit to the island in 1901. However, carbon dating has suggested this might not be true, with an estimated planting date of 1910.

Before the Ranfurly tree took the title for the world’s loneliest tree in the Sahara Desert of Niger was considered to be the most isolated tree on the planet. But in 1973, despite being the only tree for 250 miles, it was struck and killed by a truck driver. The tree’s dried trunk is now displayed in the Niger National Museum, and a metal sculpture was erected where the tree once stood.

New Zealand

Answer: The correct answer is New Zealand

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