What World Heritage Site’s name translates to “holy wisdom”?

What World Heritage Site’s name translates to “holy wisdom”?

Taj Mahal


Hagia Sophia

Machu Picchu

Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia has served several roles over its nearly 1,500-year lifespan. It was constructed as a cathedral in the 6th century A.D. in what was then called Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire. It became a mosque in 1453, when the Byzantine Empire fell to the Ottoman Empire, then became a museum in 1934 when the government of Turkey secularized the structure. It is now a mosque once again.

The building is known for its giant nave and vast dome ceiling — an impressive feat of construction, especially considering the Hagia Sophia was built in less than six years. The site has gone by many names over the years, and “Hagia Sophia” — which means “Holy Wisdom” in Greek — didn’t pop up until about 430 A.D.

Answer: The correct answer is Hagia Sophia

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