What Happened to Real Men – Will They Make a Comeback

What Happened to Real Men – Will They Make a Comeback

K, so possibly we’re now not so pleasant anymore. So what?

Might be going to warfare without France, because the chest-thumpers say, is somewhat like going looking without an accordion.

In any case, it is excessive noon for us and President Bush in his State of the Union tackle gets that Gary Cooper glint in his eye and an edge to his voice as he says of dead terrorists: “Put it this fashion. They are no longer a quandary to the U.S..”

not best! Whines the brand new Yorker’s Hendrik Hertzberg, who finds the remark “tasteless.” however then, 53 percent of male voters (11 features greater than Very high-quality Al Gore bought) did not vote for Hendrik Hertzberg for president, both.

Is the alpha male making a comeback after years of being psychopathologies by using howling fems? Is soiled Harry alive and good? Are we heading back into a time when real guys convey house the Bacon and their ladies cook it up?

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