What happened to Christine Flahive? Questions linger in ’95 disappearance

What happened to Christine Flahive? Questions linger in ’95 disappearance

Investigators in Charlotte County are nonetheless searching for solutions in the 1995 disappearance of Christine Flahive.

Monday marks 26 years when you consider that the 43-yr-historical woman disappeared. She used to be last visible leaving her house on her bicycle. Investigators believe she used to be heading to JD’s Lounge in downtown Punta Gorda, then to a mobile dwelling off Rollins avenue.

That’s where detectives are focusing they’re seeking for Flahive: on a piece of land off Rollins avenue the place Jonathan Payne was staying in 1995.

Detectives consider the case to be a homicide and introduced Payne as a man or woman of interest in 2020 even though he died in 2011.

Regardless of conducting dozens of interviews and receiving dozens of guidelines over the last 25 years, they’re nonetheless left with extra questions than answers.

“A mammoth amount of time has elapsed and, of the path, without discovering her whereabouts, it makes it that much more complicated,” mentioned Detective Kurt Mehl with the Charlotte County Sheriff place of business’s cold Case Unit last year.

“We also have expertise from a confidential informant, a confidential source, that she is deceased,” stated cold Case Unit Detective Mike Vogel.

One tip they bought: Payne and his friends had access to some giant machines.

“development variety equipment that could allow for burial as a substitute deep,” Mehl stated.

Detectives and cadaver dogs spent a bulk of early 2019 looking at a few homes, including Rollins street. They found some regarding gadgets, but this ain’t help with the investigation due to mother Nature.

“the ones we would publish have been submitted, however unluckily, due to time and degradation, there is now not quite whatever of price to do any variety of comparison of DNA or whatever of that nature,” Mehl said.

Detectives believe Flahive was killed in Charlotte County and her remains are still within the area. They say finding out what occurred to the Charlotte County mom is a top priority.

“As investigators, we want to clear up a case,” Vogel said. “I imply, that’s what we do. But also, simply as human beings, we want to unravel the case for the household.”

There’s nonetheless hope for fixing this case. Detectives have solved 4 Charlotte County bloodless circumstances within the last eight years.

Investigators verified that Phillip Barr, who is serving a life sentence for the homicide of Tara Sidarovich in Punta Gorda, lived on the equal property as Payne, relocating in just a few years after Payne moved out.

Barr’s ex-female friend’s family owned that land and the property next door, but detectives don’t consider Barr or his ex-female friend were worried about Flahive’s disappearance.

Anyone with know-how concerning the Flahive case is advised to contact the Charlotte County Sheriff’s workplace by calling 941-639-0013 or submitting an anonymous tip via the CCSO internet site or the CCSO’s free cell app. You could additionally name Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers at 800-780-recommendations.

Detectives also said that in the event you knew Payne or in case you frequented downtown Punta Gorda around January 1995, to contact them.

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