What emotion controls you quiz

Quiz: What emotion controls you quiz uquiz?

Quiz1: What is your favorite color, of these choices?



Quiz2: What do you find yourself saying most often?



Quiz3: Someone just gave you a plate of your least favorite food. What do you do?

Try to eat it anyway, so I don’t hurt their feelings.
Immediately reject it and tell them that I won’t eat it.
Push it away… Um, no thanks!
Oh no… What if I eat it and throw up? What if they get mad at me when I don’t eat it?
I was hoping we’d just order pizza…


Quiz4: What are you most scared of?


Quiz5: Who, of these choices, is your favorite musical artist?

Adele (Someone Like You)
Taylor Swift (Shake It Off)
Metallica (Seek & Destroy)
Nicki Minaj (Super Bass)
Sia (Chandelier)


Quiz6: Someone just shoved you for no reason. You…

Shake it off! No one’s gonna bring ME down!
Freak out! I was worried this would happen…
Shove them back.
Give them a dirty look.


Quiz7: Pick an emoticon!



Quiz8: Alright, let’s just be straightforward here. What emotion do you feel most often? (BE HONEST)



Quiz9: Is the glass half full or half empty?

Half full
Half empty
Break the glass!!!

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