What Caribbean island is known as “Little England”?

What Caribbean island is known as “Little England”?




St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Judging by the colonial architecture, the proclivity for gardens and cricket, and the other touches of Britain you see all around Barbados, “Little England” does seem like a fitting nickname for the small Caribbean island nation. British rule in Barbados began in 1625, and its rich sugar-producing industry made it one of the most important colonies in the British Empire.

More than three centuries of uninterrupted British rule also created a lasting influence on the island’s culture, which takes pride in being the most “English” of Britain’s former colonies in the Caribbean. Barbados became a Commonwealth realm in 1966, and Queen Elizabeth II is still the head of state — though that may change next year as Barbados aims to become a fully independent republic.

Trivia Answer: The correct answer is Barbados

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