There are five sisters in a room. All five of them are busy

Question: There are five sisters in a room. All five of them are busy.
Ann is reading, Rose is cooking, Lorraine is playing chess and Mary is doing laundry.

What is the fifth sister doing? riddle and  puzzle answer?

Answer: It’s somewhat precarious yet the appropriate response is in the hints of the puzzle, so you may need to take a gander at it for a piece and rehash it to attempt to find the solution.

In case you’re prepared to discover the response to this conundrum, continue perusing.

The response to the inquiry, “what’s going on with the fifth sister?” is that she’s playing chess with Lorraine. Despite the fact that the question just gives the names of four sisters and the action they’re doing, you can make sense of that the fifth, anonymous, sister is playing chess.

How? Of the considerable number of exercises recorded in the sign, chess is the main movement that normally requires two individuals to play.

The enigma has been getting out and about via web-based networking media, frequently with various names for the sisters.

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