The Po is the longest river in which country?

The Po is the longest river in which country?

Czech Republic




From its source high in the Alps of western Italy, the Po heads east for a course of 405 miles, where it flows into the Adriatic Sea. Due to the heavy amount of silt in the Po’s waters, the delta area — already the most complex of any European river — is constantly expanding. Ravenna was once a seaport but is now six miles from the coast as a result of the continued silting.

Many ancient Greek and Roman writers make reference to the Po or Padus. It was sometimes mentioned as the mythological Greek river, Eridanos, although historians aren’t exactly sure why. The Po marks the boundary between Italy’s Veneto region to the north and the Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna regions to the south.

Trivia Answer: The correct answer is Italy

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