The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers No 27784 October 1 2020

The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers Solutions No 27784 October 1 2020

A left-winger kept outside party much admired ADORED
Audible sound of farmyard animal close by makes one more dreamy moonier
Bag is a pain, being left in street SACHET
Building given criticism — one university must replace STRUCTURE
Church has second gentleman turning up for baptismal robe CHRISOM

Crustaceans manage when facing groups of whales copepods
Decorating site for play — this tells theatre folk what to do stage direction
Driver of cart taking a road north — new girl going that way DRAYMAN
Failure of young socialite star to seal deal finally DEBACLE
Forces out former leftists after revolution EXTORTS

Get rid of cherubic child without father and identity put paid to
Get to meeting with old rocker disgraced at one time ATTAINTED
Guy in America, about 50, one rushing around BUSTLER
Home with jazzy style given huge architectural feature INTRADOS
In the capacity of hut that has to be knocked down QUASHED
One guided around shop DELI

Product on sale just before Christmas maybe to become less successful? DECLINE
Queen with fantastic cat, more than once her destroyer of rodents rat-catcher
Quiet diocese in which set of holy books is put forward PROMOTE
Rhapsodic form of modern music, conclusion for concert RAPT
Rushes to offer cold rather than hot dishes CURRIES

Scientist builds up from this small amount — aims at miscount being corrected atomic mass unit
Swimmers used to swim in West? MEDUSAE
Those putting coats on horses PLATERS
Unoriginal journo with requirement to be heard HACKNEYED
Unselfish group member: ‘Pay me later for working” team player
Width of river accommodating vessels EXPANSE
Wrench restricting one part of body or another rear-end