Solve A Terror Case Puzzle

Question:  Solve A Terror Case Puzzle Quiz  Solution Answers

Answer:  Fathom a dread case, Quiz night by Sanil Kothari is the new riddle being generally played online via web-based networking media.

Numerous individuals are taking an interest in this test challenge and attempting to tackle the inquiries effectively. In this test, we need to understand numerous inquiries and puzzle.

So we are here with the Solve A Terror Case Puzzle Answers. Simply look down to check the arrangement of each question yourself.

Q1 – Find Motive

Answer – 5117

Q2 – Find Location

Answer – 370

Q3 – What will they use

Answer – sealink

Q4 – Find Time

Answer – helicopter

Q5 – Find Day or Date

Answer – 1155 And date is 2nd October