[Solved] What were the causes and effects of proxy wars within the Middle East?

The Question : What were the causes and effects of proxy wars within the
Middle East?

So what is the correct answer? Answer:
Proxy wars are one of the major categories of conflict that contribute to humanitarian crises around the world. The war can take place between multiple countries, or a country and a nonstate actor like a politically violent group.
Britain and France were particularly angry about the attempt to nationalize the Suez Canal . So, they began an elaborate conspiracy with Israel to try to regain control. Egged on by European states, Israel invaded the Sinai Peninsula, where the canal is located.
Then Britain and France pretended to step in as peacekeepers and retook control of the canal. This event , known as Suez Crisis, was ended by the United States and the Soviets, who returned control canal to Nasser. The Suez Crisis hurt the West’s image as a unified front, due to the United States intervention against its allies, Britain and France. Soviet Union had as well put effort into supporting the  government of Afghanistan .

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