[Solved] What was true about journalists like Edward R.Murrow

The Question : What was true about journalists like Edward R.Murrow

So what is the correct answer? Answer:
Murrow created on his television program “See It Now” a series of reports that helped lead to censorship of Senator Joseph McCarthy. His bravery allowed him to tell the world about the events of London’s German Blitz while it was going on and to face fear at home in public over a decade later.
Edward Roscoe Murrow, an radio broadcaster and war correspondents in America. First, he achieved prominence for CBS ‘ news division during second World War with a number of live broadcasts in radio from Europe. Overall he utilized television as a platform for engaging and educating the public in political and cultural movements.

“Their work changed how many people looked at their government” is true about journalists like Edward R. Murrow.

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