Seven Second Riddles

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Question: What can you see once in a minute twice in a moment and never in a thousand years?

Answer: The correct answer is M

M is once in minute, twice in moment and never in a thousand year.


Question: You entered a room of 38 people. A shooter enters then kill 30. How many people are left in the room

Answer: This indeed is a bit tricky as people say 8 people but thats not correct answer.

If we read the riddle it asks ‘how many are in the room’.

So 38 were already there in the room + 1 yourself.

So total of 39.


Question: What is better when you break it?  Another asks:

Break it and it is better, immediately set and harder to break again. or What is more useful when it is broken? or What has to be broken before you can use it?

Answer: The correct answer is a record.


Question: One extra clue. The player is not left footed.

I have played in england france italy and spain riddle
I have won the Champions League
I have played with Critiano Ronaldo but not with Raphael Varane
I have played with Fernando Torres but not with Steven Gerrard
I have played with Ashley Cole but not with

Answer: The closest option I’ve found after hours was Michael Essien
The other nearly men for me are Evra and Carvalho


Question: I have a little house in which I live all alone. It has no doors or windows, and if I want to go out I must break through the wall. What am I?

Answer: The response to the ‘what lives in a little house in solitude’ question is an ‘Unborn chick in an egg’.

The eggshell is the ‘little house’ that the unborn chicken lives in. The shell has no windows or entryway and the chicken is caught inside until it is fit to be conceived.

At the point when it is at last fit to be conceived, it needs to tear open the shell, fundamentally getting through the dividers of its home. Thus, the response to the puzzle is a chick in an egg.

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