Ni no kuni horace riddle

Riddle: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has just been released for the Switch, which means it’s the perfect time for new players to jump in. Here are all the Horace riddle solutions in Ni No Kuni.

Answer: The correct answer is below

  • Ding Dong Dell: Horace can be found at the castle entrance. He’ll give you the Spirit Medium spell, so just cast it and talk to him.
  • Al Mamoon: Horace can be found near the fountain. The answer is “Dragon of the West.”
  • Castaway Cove: Horace can be found on a bridge above the boats. The answer is “Finest fiber.”
  • Fairygrounds: Horace can be found in the outskirts area. The answer is “Crispy lettuce.”
  • Hamelin: Horace can be found on the balcony at the Hootique. The answer is “5.”
  • Yule: Horace can be found in the Yule Elder’s house. The answer is “Blizzard bloom.”
  • Perdida: Horace can be found in Swift Solutions. The answer is “Jabal al-dukhan.”
  • Ding Dong Dell: Return to Ding Dong Dell after clearing Nevermore. The answer is “Unleash.”
  • Ara Memoriae: The answer is “Wizard’s robes.”

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