LDM 2 Module 5 Answers

LDM 2 Module 5 With Answers Key Pdf For Download

This portfolio will be submitted to your LAC coach for evaluation at the end of the year. You may also use this portfolio as a means of verification (MOV) for your performance evaluation.

By the end of this module, you will be able to:
1. list down the evidence of LDM implementation
2. plan for how to make sure that you will be able to relate these evidence to your professional practice based on the professional standards

Lesson 1 – The teaching Portfolio and Its Contents LAC Session
Lesson 2 – The Evaluation Rubric LAC Session
LAC Sessions are included in the activities but maybe optional as determined by the LAC Members under the guidance of the LAC Leader
4 hours

The Teaching Portfolio and it’s content
This lesson will introduce you to the teaching portfolio related to your use of the LDM. By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:
1. Describe what a portfolio is
2. Identify the contents of your teaching in the LDM portfolio.

Key Topics/Concepts
assessment; capabilities; professional practice; professional standards
Resources Required
-LDM2 Guide for Expected Outputs
-Reading on Portfolios
-List of Suggested Evidence Form
-Study Notebook

Module 5
Lesson 1  Activity 1
1. Before you begin to prepare to build your Portfolio, you need to make sure that you have completed all the outputs for this course. Go over the list found in LDM2 Guide for Expected Outputs and find out whether you have completed all the outputs required for Modules 1-4 of this course.
Submit the completed outputs to your designated Coach for final evaluation. Keep a copy of all your outputs for your own records.

Activity 2

A. Study the Reading on Portfolios from the Glossary of Education Reform. Based on your reading, reflect on the following questions and jot down your answers in your Study Notebook.
1. How will your Portfolio help you in tracking the progress of your teaching practice in your School’s LDM?
– Portfolios are intended to evaluate learning progress and achievement in a specific course, by completing my portfolio in LAC sessions about LDMs I can now be ready for the challenge of the new normal way of teaching. First if I will make my lessons I can scan my finished portfolio and go to the topic about preparing MELCs. Then if I will choose what learning resources to be used in my topic I can refer to Learning Resources topics and how to download it in DepEd portals.
– My portfolio will serve as evidences of my teaching and it will clearly show my improvements as well as the problems I will meet and it will guide me to keep on the right track.

2. What evidence from the previous modules will help capture the progress of your teaching practice?
– In the previous module which is module 4, I had learned about making individual development plan by this I can now asses my weakness and strength in terms of my teaching practices. One of the best example is analyzing to what domain do I need to focus more and make a development plan for that.
– From the previous modules, the following evidences will help monitor my teaching practice :
1. Unpacking of MELC
2. Learning task for DL
Activity 2

3. Why is writing down your reflections an integral part of your Portfolio?
– In every work or task given it must have a reflection within. Making of it is an integral part because it serves as a compilation of our knowledge and understanding of the topic. It also measures our affectively being our consciousness and even our judgement in a certain topic.
– In every work or task given, one must have a reflection. It is an integral part because in the reflection
we can pour out our ideas, analysis, comments/suggestions about the particular task which can be a road to change or improvement.

Activity 3

Activity 4

– LAC discussion with colleagues. (Put some evidence) MOVs.

Activity 5

Activity 1 1. Study the criteria and indicators found in the Evaluation Rubric. What steps will you take to ensure that you are able to hit the criteria in the Rubric? Write down your answers and any other thoughts about the Rubric in your Study Notebook.
• In order to be successful in making the portfolio I must consider first the Demonstration progress of the LDM Implementation which 30% in the rubrics. Ensuring the quality of my reflections in every topic or lesson that I tackled. Lastly, my output will be based on the professional standard given by

Activity 2 1. Discuss and share your thoughts on the Rubric in your LAC Session. Present your steps to make your outputs and Portfolio responsive to the evaluation criteria and indicators. Take note of your colleagues’ other insights as well.

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