LDM 2 Module 4 Answer Key

LDM 2 Module 4 With Answers Key Pdf For Download

Module 4 Lesson 1
Activity 1
1. Assess your current capabilities and skills using the Professional Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

Activity 2
Revisit the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST) found in the LDM2 Course Overview. Reflect on your self-assessment from Activity 1. What particular professional standards in the PPST do you need to focus on to effectively use the LDMs in relation to the content and pedagogy of the learning area/s you are teaching? Write your answer and other insights in your Study Notebook.
• I need to develop and give more focus on Domain number one, content knowledge and Pedagogy. As my self-assessment where I got only the agree level so there’s a room for my improvement. Also, I want to enhance the domain number six the community linkages and professional engagement. I need to build strong relationship with the guardians/parents of my students to deliver the quality supervisory among them as well as with my co mentors in schools.

Activity 3

1. Answer the following questions by constructing and filling out the table in your Study Notebook. How do you envision your teaching practice in the next few months as you use the LDM adopted by your School? What is your goal in terms of your teaching practices in the modalities? What motivates you to achieve this goal? What do you think will help you attain this goal?

Lesson 2
Activity 1
1. Accomplish the Individual Development Plan Template by referring your output in Lesson 1 Activity 3 of this module.

Activity 2
1. Refer to your PD objectives and decide on what topics you would like to talk about in your school LAC.
Use the PD Discussion Template in your discussion.

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