LDM 2 Module 3A Answer Key

LDM 2 Module 3A Answer Key Pdf Download

Module 3 A Lesson 1
Activity 1
1. Do a quick check of your knowledge of the four modalities prescribed in the LCP—face-to-face (F2F) learning, IX, blended learning (BL), and homeschooling In your own words, define each modality. Write your own definitions in your Study Notebook. When you are done, check Lesson 1, Activity 1 Answer Key I to see how well you did.

• Face-to-face (F2F) learning refers to a learning delivery modality where the teacher and learner/s are physically in one venue. There are opportunities for active engagement, immediate feedback, and socio-emotional development of learners. It may be conducted in any available physical learning space Face to face learning in which learners can digest the content of each topic smoothly. It is the best way to address and to deliver learning ideas.

• Distance learning refers to a learning delivery modally where a learner is given materials or access to resources and he/she undertakes self-directed study at home or in another venue. Learners engage in independent learning at home or in any physical learning space applicable, by using learning materials that are accessible either online, stored on CD/DVD/USB Flash drive, or in printed form, or by viewing TV lessons or ‘, sterling to radio-based instruction while being geographically distant from the teacher.
• Blended learning refers to a learning delivery modality using a combination of the features of F2F learning and distance learning. It can be (1) F2F and modular distance learning; (2) F2F and online distance learning (3) F2F and TV-based Instruction/Radio-based Instruction; or (4) F2F and any combination of the other type of distance learning.

• Homeschooling refers to an alternative learning delivery model (ADM) that provides learners with access t formal education while staying in an out-of-school environment, with parents, guardians, or tutors as authorized facilitators instead of classroom teachers.

LDM 2 Module 3A Answer Key Pdf LDM2-Module-3A-with-answers

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