LDM 2 Module 2 Answer Key

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Module 2 Lesson 1
Activity 1
1. The closure of schools around the world due to the global pandemic posed serious challenges to the delivery of quality basic. education. As a teacher, what do you think are the fundamental concerns in terms of curriculum standards that need to be addressed in order to ensure learning continuity? Cite a spec for example. Do you think these concerns could be solved by teachers alone? Why or why not?

Ans: With this global pandemic we have today, this makes education for children more difficult to achieve. This also brings a big challenge to the Department of education to conduct education in this new normal situation. The best way to address the problem is to adapt this new normal learning by shifting to distance or modular learning. With this strategy, we can ensure
learning continuity. These concerns are not for teachers alone but also with the collaboration of all the dead forces teaching and non-teaching staff. And of course through parents’ learners and stakeholders support.

2. Even prior to the spread of COVID-19 that eventually led to the closure of schools nationwide, the congested curriculum has been a perennial problem of teachers (Andaya, 2018). This is perceived to be one of the hindering factors on the poor performance of Filipino learners. Do you agree with this observation? Why or why not?

Ans: Yes, I agree, in the department of education several curriculums had been laid and adapt for the purpose of achieving higher standard education and can produce a globally competitive learner. But due to the congested curriculum, we cant achieve our goals. Students cant cope up with the content standard sometimes it takes time to finish a full quarter subject with a limited time allotment.

Activity 2
1. What are the general and specific purposes of the development of MELCs?
-The Department of Education’s Bureau of Curriculum Development developed MELCs to cope with the drastic change in the educational atmosphere due to COVID 19 pandemic. The focus of instruction was streamlined to the most essential or the most indispensable learning
-MELCs is also developed in response to UNESCO’s fourth sustainable development goal and that is to develop resilient education systems, most especially during emergencies.
-MELCs can be used as a mechanism to ensure educational continuity.
-the MELCs intend to assist schools in navigating the limited number of school days as they employ multiple delivery schemes by providing them ample instructional space
2. How does curriculum review aid in the identification of essential learning competencies?
-Analysis of the Interconnectedness of prerequisite knowledge and skills among the learning competencies for each subject area.
-Curriculum review mapped the essential and desirable learning competencies within the curriculum. It also led to the identification of gaps, issues, and concerns within and across learning areas and grade levels. It helped in the identification of areas for improvement that would enhance the learning engagement, experience, and outcomes and consequently

recommend solutions. In addition, it analyze the interconnectedness of prerequisite knowledge and skills among the learning competencies for each subject area.
4. Now were the most essential learning competencies identified? What were the decisions made in order to trim down the number of the essential learning competencies further?
Learning competencies are identified by knowing the following characteristics.
-it is applicable to real-life situations
-it would be important for students to acquire the competency after s/he left that particular grade level

–it is aligned with national, state, and/or local standards/ frameworks (e.g., scientifically- literate Filipinos)

-it would not be expected that most students would learn this through their
parents/communities if not taught at school
-it connects the content to higher concepts across content areas
5. What is the importance of the MELCs in ensuring the delivery of quality instruction?
-MELCS serves as a teacher guides in preparing our lesson (weekly home learning plan) and instructional materials (Self- Learning Modules)
-MELCs ensures delivery of quality instruction as it becomes the primary reference in determining and implementing learning delivery approaches that are suited to the local context and diversity of learners while adapting to the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Activity 3
Prepare a copy of your learning area’s original K-12 Curriculum Guide and a corresponding list of
MELCs. Go to the sections of the curriculum guide and MELCs that are relevant to your instructional needs. Copy and accomplish the following table and compare the two documents to determine which learning competencies were retained, dropped, or merged.

In your LAC Session, discuss and share your answers to Activities 1-3 in this lesson. Discuss any questions about the MELCs that need clarification as well. Share your thoughts and let your co-teachers articulate their insights regarding your questions. Jot down all the insights shared in the discussion, including your own. Insights:

Lesson 2
Activity 1
1. What Is the importance of unpacking and combining the MELCs?
-We need to unpacked MELCS to help us systematize learning activities and effectively address the varying needs of learners and the challenges of instructional deliveries.
2. What considerations must be taken in unpacking and combining the MELCs? Explain each. In unpacking MELCs we must consider the following:
-Alignment on the Content and Performance Standards- The MELCS are not a departure from the standard-based design. We must consider this to achieve a quality teaching output.
-Prerequisite knowledge and skills – curriculum objective must be hierarchy. Mastering Fundamental knowledge Is a must before going to the other level of learning.
-Logical sequence of learning objectives – We cant give a better learning ideas to our students if our objective is not logical sequence. Planning what are the most important objective is key frame in achieving better understanding of our learners.
3. Do all the MELCs need to be unpacked or combined? Why or why not?
-The teacher may unpacked or combined the MELCS depends on sequence of the lesson, the progress and needs of learners as long as the content and standard will be achieved.

Activity 2
1. Form a group of four members within your LAC, preferably with fellow teacher’s in your respective learning area.
2. Using the curriculum guide and a list of the MELCs, choose MELCs in the first quarter and unpack these into learning objectives.
3. Each team will present their unpacked learning objectives.
Discussion and processing will follow each presentation. Suggestions and insights from each group will be considered in enhancing the learning objectives

Unpacking MELCS Sample

Combining MELCS Sample

Activity 3
Submit your Activity 2 output to your LAC leader. Make sure to keep a copy of your outputs.

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