LDM 2 Module 1 Answer Key

LDM 2 Module 1 With Answers Key Pdf For Download

Module 1 Lesson 1
Activity 1
1. What is the Main delivery of this course?
The Learning Delivery Modalities Course 2 is a task-oriented course. The delivery of this course is an urgent action of Deped to this ongoing pandemic as also part of Deped’s Learning
Continuity Plan. The main concern of this course is to deliver education to learners in this new normal setting by using Self Learning Modules prepared by selected teachers which are designed for self-study.
2. How can this course help ensure that you will be able to deliver quality instruction in the new normal?

This course will be a great help to ensure the delivery of quality instruction for it helps teachers be prepared for this distant learning in this new normal situation. It helps teachers to gain knowledge, skills, and mindset that are necessary for this new teaching and learning way.
3. What are the two support mechanisms that will help you with your learning in this course?
The two support mechanism that can help me with this course are:
First, I attended webinars conducted by Deped. Second, I also asked and communicate to my co-teachers regarding this course.

1.How will my personal characteristics and circumstances affect (positively or negatively) my participation in this course?
I think my eagerness to learn this course for me to be able to apply and help me as a teacher adapt the new normal education and to help achieve a successful education for our learners.
2. How can I ensure that I am able to sustain my strengths and address the obstacles that will hinder me from completing this course?
By having a positive outlook and willingness to learn, I think I can overcome whatever challenges I may face in completing this course. And also, with the help of my co-teachers and superiors.

Activity 3
Look for a colleague with whom you would like to discuss your answers and reflections with the questions in Activities 1 and 2.

Lesson 2 Activity 1
1. Reflect on the objectives for conducting LAC sessions as listed in DO 35, s. 2016. Rank the
following objectives from easiest to the most difficult to achieve.

1- To nurture successful teachers
2- To improve the teaching-learning process to improve learning among students
3- To enable teachers to support each other to continuously improve their content and pedagogical knowledge, practice, skills, and attitudes
4- To foster a professional collaborative spirit among School Heads, teachers, and the community as a whole
2. What are the top three challenges to having a successful LAC? List down and elaborate.
• Bulk Reports- It limits our time and difficult to focus on LAC.
• Poor Internet Connection- We really can’t grasp the total discussion in LAC for we do not have a consistently strong connection. Sometimes we rely only on our co-teachers and it creates sometimes a different understanding.
• Lack of Computer Knowledge – other co-teachers are having a difficult times operating their laptops.

Activity 2
Share your LAC Insights

Activity 3
List down your LAC members and cite their roles.

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