Italy Power Outage

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The Vatican in blackout after a leaked statement on Italians’ involvement in U.S. elections. Coincidence?

Conspiracy theories have a subject day following the unseemly political traits in the USA. On Sunday, many social media customers talked about a few blackouts in the Vatican metropolis, following a live movement by using the YouTube channel Vatican information.

Whilst there was no reliable confirmation in regards to the blackout in the Vatican metropolis, some social media customers had bizarre assumptions over the energy outage.

As one of the crucial Twitter users mentioned technical problems behind the incident, there were some conspiracy theorists who linked the Vatican blackout with the unproven and outlandish charge of Italy’s involvement in the USA presidential election 2020.

A Twitter user, @Remaining33, who has over 12,6000 followers on the platform, stated in a submit, “The Vatican in blackout after leaked announcement on Italians’ involvement in US elections. Twist of fate?”

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