If you were a character how would the audience perceive you quiz

Question: If you were a character how would the audience perceive you quiz

Quiz 1: let go of something.

i wish i never did it.
i wish i knew how to do it.
i wish i could go back.
i wish i could tell someone.
i wish i’d have lied.
i wish i was still the same.


Quiz 2: think of a secret. when will you tell it?

hopefully i never will
it’ll die with me
whenever i’m ready
whenever i find the words
i already have


Quiz 3: you make your favorite person in the world angry. how does your mind react?

i get upset and reluctantly apologize.
i get angry back.
i brush it off and pretend i’m unbothered, but i keep thinking about it.


Quiz 4: you go to the thrift store with your friends to dress in random clothes; what is your first outfit choice?

the most fancy suit i can find.
a shiny necklace with a silky dress.
a t-shirt with a band i’ve never heard of and a pair of black overalls.
a random dress or fancy outfit that looks way better than i expected
the brightest colored crop top i can find and jeans.
a silly neon colored shirt and too-big pants.
a pastel colored shirt with a pair of shorts and a jacket with embroidered cartoon characters.


Quiz 5: think of something beautiful. what most closely describes it?

a thought
a sight
a wish
a feeling
a person
a creation

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