Grimes graves key missing?

Grimes graves key missing?

To arrive at the AC Valhalla Grimes Graves key area and the locked door it opens, leap into the chasm and explore the graves until you slide down right into a cursed subject.

Break the cursed symbol on probably the most first pillar to the left, then appear to the correct. The locked door can be there.

The murderer’s Creed Valhalla Grimes Graves key vicinity is certainly within the same room however most effective appears if in case you have pre-ordered the game and have entry to the Beowulf DLC.

The ultimate phase of the DLC sidequest in reality sends you there and spawns in the important thing. Decide upon it up, go through the door and prepare for combat.

To start the Beowulf DLC, you first have to establish Ravensthorpe, then learn Sunniva’s letter.

Now that you realize the place to seek out the AC Valhalla Grimes Graves key place, also drop by way of our courses on the Ivarr choice and Ymir Tear Stones.

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