Goat Sports Trivia Answers

Goat Black Friday Play Sports Trivia  Questions and Answers Today (November 26, 2020),

Question 1: Retroing most recently during the 2018 holiday season, this Air Jordan 11 colorway was the only one Jordan wore during the ’95-96 regular season.

Answer 1:The correct answer is Concord

Question 2: This brand, mentioned in my song “designer Boi,” made a luxury leather version of the iconic IKEA shopping bag.

Answer 2: The correct answer is Balenciaga

Question 3: Worn by both Kanye West and Travis Scott, who designed this women’s top?

Answer 3: The correct answer is Phoebe Philo

Question 4: Self-described as a “cultural DJ”, which designer is commonly referred to as “the godfather of streetwear”?

Answer 4: The correct answer is Hiroshi Fujiwara

Question 5: The Raf Simons Spring 2018 runway show and collection was partly inspired by which film?

Answer 5: The correct answer is Blade Runner

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