Are you written by a woman or man?

Are you written by a woman or man?

What type of living situation do you see yourself in five years from now?
Answers, please choose 1
in the city with some friends
somewhere in another country at college
At home living with my parents, like a loser
cheap nasty apartment and alone

Answers, please choose 1
older music is good
i listen to that edgy poet shit
I like literally everything. I love music.
I’m actually really picky with my music.
i like white girl music shh

ur type?
Answers, please choose 1
anime girl
im down for everything honestly
i like people who are a lot like me

Answers, please choose 1
im with someone but i don’t actually love them. idk its complicated.
dating myself
single and kinda looking ig, everyone sucks tho
im with someone and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OMFG
single and lowkey wanna be

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