A man looks at a painting in a museum riddle

Question: A man walks into an art museum and stares at a painting. When a guard walks up and ask him why he is so interested in the painting he responds with”brother and sisters I have none but that mans father is my fathers son” who is the man in the painting?

Answer: How about we separate the riddle in to littler sorts and afterward put them out and see what we have. ‘My dad’s child.’ We’ll draw a chart from the point of view of the individual talking.

My Father’s child is my kin.

‘That man’s Father’ shows up in our chart as of now, we know him as My Father’s child. They are the equivalent recollect that man’s dad is my dad’s child’.

‘Siblings And Sisters I Have None’ – hitherto we have recognized My Father’s Son and Me as independent individuals. However, on the off chance that I have no siblings or sisters, at that point my dad’s child must be me.

To explain ‘That Man’ is my child. In the event that I have no siblings and sisters, at that point my dad’s child must be me. Which implies I (me) am that man’s dad.

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