A fish and a bird fall in love riddle

Riddle: A fish and a bird could fall in love but where would they live?

Answer: Air and water meet personally in the mists, in downpour and fog and dew. They meet in the air pockets and prattles of jabbering creeks and the seafoam where the waves meet the shore. They meet in the tempest and the rainbow that follows. Air and water are mates, and they meet like darlings all through nature. They meet in our own tendency.

In the event that a fledgling and fish were to begin to look all starry eyed at, they would live agreeably where water and air blend: in a position of calm pools and moderate streaming water. Dappled daylight would go through the splashes of leaves overhead to move on a superficial level.

Furthermore, life would be a great thing, there where the feathered creature and fish commend the wonders of affection, there is the glimmer of their flashing lives, there in the main truth that lives in this universe of figment and disappoints.

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