_______ contain close to 70% of all the fresh water on Earth.

Question: _______ contain close to 70% of all the fresh water on Earth.

_______ erosion is most common in flat, bare areas with dry, sandy soils.
Antarctica is an example of a/an _______ glacier.
The process by which wind picks up particles of loose sediment and carries them away is known as
The zone of _______ is located below the equilibrium line of a glacier.
During wind erosion, the smallest particles of sediment, composed mostly of silt and clay, are most likely to move primarily by
Glaciers are most likely to advance during _______ summers.
Wind speed and _______ determine how quickly abrasion will occur.
The process of glacial erosion that works similarly to sandpaper is called
The Southern Plains region of the United States that experienced a long drought and heavy wind erosion during the 1930s was called the _______.

Answer: The correct answer is below

1. glaciers
2. wind
3. Continental
4. deflation

5. ablation
6. suspension
7. cool
8. practical size

9. abrasion
10. dust bowl

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