6 1 8 4 2 7 Pattern Kindergarten Answer

6 1 8 4 2 7 Pattern Kindergarten Answer

6184 then 27? maybe 49 next?
whatever the pattern, every entry is a single-digit integer

the next numbers could be anything between 0 and 9
that does narrow things down a bit, down to just 10 possibilities

maybe try each one and see if that completes some kind of pattern
the 6,1 is sort of the reverse of 2,7 with the 6 increased by 1

so take 84, reverse it to get 48, and increase the 8 by 1 to get 4,9
IF this is a kindergarten question, the instructor is playing games with you, or your child, to make you think but unless there’s a clear pattern, any pattern is possible,

whatever the pattern it’s not that of an arithmetic or geometric sequence.
Maybe scratch this answer, as I just noticed you have it written two different ways

first time as 6,1,8,41, …
then 2nd time as 6,1,8, 4, 1, …

IF 41 is right, then double digits could be next. That narrows it down to 100 different possibilities

you could look for 2 patterns in one. alternating. 6,8,7 as one pattern
then 1, 41 as the other. then mix them together to get 6,1,8,41, 7

the next entry would be the 1, 41 pattern, which seems to end in 1 but an increasing tens digit, maybe 81 next?

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