3 Digit Code Riddle

Brain Riddle: This lock has a 3 digit code 291 Can you crack it using only these hints?

291 One number is correct and in the right place
245 One number is correct but in the wrong place
463 Two numbers are correct but in the wrong place
578 Nothing is correct
569 One number is correct but in the wrong place

The solution, Answer: From 1st and 2nd statements – 2 is not the number. It is either 9 or 1

From the 2nd and 3rd statements – 4 is the number, but placed in the wrong place in both the statements. So it should be in one place. Therefore, one number is fixed – i.e: 4 in the one place

As per statements 2 and 4, 5, 7, and 8 are not included.

From Statement 3: 4 is already fixed and one more should be either 6 or 3.
But as per statement 5, 5 is not there. 6 is not included. It should, therefore, be 9.

In order to exclude 6 and include 9, we have to go back to statement 1 where it states that one number is correct and correctly placed. We have only number 9 which fits into this statement.

The correct answer is 394.

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