20 Months in, 2K Hours Spent and 200K € Lost. A Story About Resilience and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

20 Months in, 2K Hours Spent and 200K € Lost. A Story About Resilience and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

TLDR; it may be fairly hard to know if we’re just resilient and/or falling for the sunk rate fallacy.

I’ve been working for ~20 months on my present assignment, spend 2K hours on it, and “misplaced” 200K € with the aid of no longer doing something else. That undertaking isn’t ready but. This is the story at the back of it.

Before all of it

Early in 2018, after having labored for 10+ years as an employee, administrative center politics obtained to me and that i used to be tired of wasting time in meetings. I quite desired to stop, be my possess boss, and have more impact on the world around me.

I was once a tech lead/team supervisor/challenge manager, had a rather just right revenue, lots of freedom, a fab team working in conjunction with me, and no longer than a lot to whine about, really. I could organize my days/weeks nevertheless I desired, worked on fascinating/challenging projects, and my group was once particularly cool (o.K., I already mentioned that :p).

Still, I was inclined to throw it all away to head and take a look at whatever else, on my possess terms.

First makes an attempt

I had a colleague/buddy who was additionally willing to create products; so we began brainstorming collectively. A at the same time, we were just looking for the idea (well-known anti-pattern, right?). We did ultimately find two strategies that we thought were valued at pursuing.

One was about growing digital options for schools, to aid them to manage meal orders, repayments, presences, and so forth. What we discovered with our own youngsters satisfied us that there were very actual issues to solve. There were a couple of competitors in Belgium, however now not that many, and not gift yet in our a part of the nation. We additionally had a very one-of-a-kind attitude.

The 2d inspiration was once to create a digital platform for eating places, the place they would put up/customize their menus, have a back-channel towards their purchasers (e.G., to ship them promotions), to develop fidelity and many others.

We began constructing the product aimed at schools. Being two full-stack program builders, we did not have a lot of problems with that entrance. We went and discussed it with a number of faculties. The men and women that we met…

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