12 Men On An Island Riddle

Riddle: There are 12 men on an island. 11 weigh the same. 1 man is heavier or lighter. There is one seesaw you can use only 3 times. How do you find the odd man out? Is this riddle possible?

Answer: First gauge 6 versus 6(1st use)

The 6 which are heavier ought to be partitioned into gatherings of 3 and weighed(2nd use)

The 3 who are heavier ought to be separated and gauge any 2 of them (third use) If one of the 2 is heavier then you get the answer.If they gauge the equivalent, at that point the third individual who wasn’t weighed is the heavier individual.

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  1. But, you don’t know if the odd one out is heavier OR lighter. You solved the riddle assuming the person is heavier, but that is not accurate. The person could be lighter.

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